Hicaliber are software developers and they have created the Optumise system in conjunction with several Optus Business Centres throughout Australia. The software has been operational for over 3 years and currently manages over $50 million in telecommunications assets and services.

Why Optumise?3 Reasons to use Optumise

How Much?

We hear you, sure everything has a price. We have several pricing models and we are certain one of them will suit you. Fill out the form below and we will call to discuss.

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We have two very unique pricing models for the software. Flat Fee or Performance Based pricing. It all depends on what flavour you prefer and we can tailor our solution to meet your business requirements.

Training & Support

We provide training and unlimited support with our software as part of your monthly commitment. All future updates to the software are included so you will never be out of date.

No Extra Costs

There are no hidden or extra costs. All the hosting of your software is covered in the monthly commitment. Each client has their own version of the software and private hosting environment. Safe, secure and you own the data.

Want more...

Wow you are tough to please, if you want more it will cost you the price of a meeting. Give me 30 minutes to present the software online anywhere in the world and you will be glad you invested the time.

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More Features

Not just end of month, day to day as well


Create and Track Plan, Phone, Accessory and Outright sales types. Options for Pending Port, Rejected, Cancelled and Move to the next month. Control at every step of the process.


Track your orders by IMEI, Serial Number, Sales Order, Invoice Number and Tracking Number. See exactly what handset is in stock, on hold or sold to any customer. We can even track your loan handsets.

Rate Plans

Rate Plans and Fixed Rate Plans. We supply them and you can create more as required. There is no limit on the number of plans you can add and keep as historical for past reports and future forecasts.

Multi Company

No matter how big or small you are you can manage every business, every location and every agent. So if you control more than one location you can do it all within the one system. In fact even your agents can access the system for their own personal dashboard and update their forecasts.

Sales Targets

Setup and track Targets across GA, DA, BMB and more. Sales Managers and Agents can update the forecasts and we track the actual results. Compare all three anytime from your Dashboard. Instant overview of your business revenue. Then drill right down to an individual for instant performance review.

Dealers and Agents

Setup Dealers, Dealer Groups, Agents and Users all with varying permission levels and access to the system. No limit on the number of dealers or users the system can grow as you grow. Give your sales team access so they can update their forecasts on a daily basis and keep them motivated.

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